last dev release was ~3 weeks ago (2.3.0.dev3, Feb...
# announce
last dev release was ~3 weeks ago (2.3.0.dev3, February 3rd), any plans to do a dev release this week ?
I happen to be on release duty this week - so yes. Last week was a Twitter employee that we probably should replace.
And the week before that was an Apple employee we should probably also replace.
@average-vr-56795 and @wide-energy-11069: we have you two as back-to-back releasers on our release roataion and now that you both spend your time mostly on other things it seems unfair to ask you to continue to hold release duty. I do like having diversity in our releasers, but speak up if it would be better if we changed the rotation.
Oops, sorry about that! I'm happy to continue to do releases - I think the fact that in the run up to my week I got release notifications every few days made me assume things were already pretty active, but in retrospect I think it's just been that a lot of backports have been happening?
Apologies. Rotation still works for me. let me know if I should make up for the one last Friday, or take on the next one.
Ah - ok great. Thanks to you both. Yi - I think we can handle sliding a week. Daniel - yeah, I think it was just alot of backports.
so to make sure, I’ll handle the release this Friday right?
Sorry - missed that Yi. Nope, I've got this Friday as part of my normal schedule.
Ok thanks, John. I will watch out for the next one then, which is 4/9.