2.8 is a BFD! Thanks to everyone who contributed t...
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2.8 is a BFD! Thanks to everyone who contributed to it and tried it out!
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We added a new thank you section at the end of release announcement blog posts because there are so darned many people among you who are making the BFD possible. Sincerely, much gratitude for each person who took the time to give your thoughts, talents, visions. Pants has become the most innovative and flexible modern build system because of you. Fact.
(( Had to google-explain the BFD 😛 , ruled out the top two hits from wikipedia as I don’t think it is Bidirectional Forwarding Detection nor Binary File Descriptor library, and settled for the third hit going to the urban dictionary, Big F-ing Deal 😄 )) I totally agree. It’s amazing what a small team can accomplish with the help of a great community (and it isn’t great by chance, kudos to y’all for the culture fostered here!)
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