Please welcome <@U023G1MP6JV> as a formal Contribu...
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Please welcome @narrow-vegetable-37489 as a formal Contributor! Jonas has contributed in several ways to the project, including around Protobuf support. He was an early adopter and added gRPC support. Recently, he added the Buf linter and formatter (literally 1 day after the formatter was first released!!) Jonas has also been a huge help to folks in Slack, in addition to frequently sharing feedback Congratulations Jonas and thank you!
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This slack needs a Buf emojicon.
Congratulations and huge thank you, @narrow-vegetable-37489 for all you bring to the community and project. It's a privilege to have your talents and generosity on this team.
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There's been a lot of Buf, I'll admit! 😅 Soon I'll have to sign off my PRs with "I'm not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Buf."...
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