Everyone please welcome <@U02RUEH9C1L> as the newe...
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Everyone please welcome @witty-family-13337 as the newest Pants Maintainer! Since becoming a Contributor recently, Alonso has: • Made a series of further improvements to the Helm backend. • Added support for JVM memory controls, and per-process options. • Implemented transitive file dependencies for tests. • Been an advocate for Pants with new JVM adopters in Slack. They are a pleasure to work with during code review, and have made thoughtful design decisions in all cases where I’ve worked with them. Thanks @witty-family-13337, and welcome!
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Welcome @witty-family-13337, thanks for all your contributions so far! Looking forward to working with you on many more!
You've been doing such great work @witty-family-13337. This step is well-earned. It's a privilege to have you on the team, and it's going to be a pleasure to get to collaborate with you more.
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thanks a lot, really flattering 😊
Congratulations! Thank you for making the community a great place to be ❤️
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