Pants `2.14.0.dev5` is released! <
# announce
is released! A few notes on this one: ā€¢ There was no dev4 - sorry about that! ā€¢ This release bumps the minimum supported macOS version from 10.5 to 11. We're going to see if we can get 10.5 support back, but in the meantime if you foresee this being a big problem for you, please get in touch! And warm welcomes to our several new contributors! @rhythmic-glass-66959 making pytest more configurable @adamant-oil-53479 making python dependency inference more broadly usable. @busy-vase-39202 making sure our governance docs are up to date and clear Thanks so much to all three, we're glad to have you in the community!
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Thanks for trudging through the release woes Daniel!