New case study released: <@U02V49CMTC1> of Astrani...
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New case study released: @high-yak-85899 of Astranis satellite ground control gives a detailed inside look at the scaling challenges the team was dealing with from its fast-growing Python monorepo, what tools they evaluated for potentially taming it, why they ultimately selected Pants, what their experience was of migration, and some of the takeaways on their experience using Pants to scale the codebase, tune CI, and streamline microservices packaging. Thank you so much to Nate and the entire team at Astranis for generously allowing us to look inside how Pants is helping companies overcome big challenges in scaling. Folks, are you interested in contributing a case study too? Ping me! Pants team really benefits from getting peeks behind the curtain like this, other teams evaluating Pants are grateful for the candid user-focused assessments of strengths and weaknesses, and it's always a big boost to morale for us when we get to see Pants solving real-world problems that we know are meaningful to you. This is why we build it, after all. ❤️ 👖
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