:mega: It is my honor to announce our newest Maint...
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šŸ“£ It is my honor to announce our newest Maintainer is @wide-midnight-78598. Since joining the Pants community, he's: ā€¢ Added PyOxidizier support ā€¢ Laid a lot of groundwork for backends for JavaScript, Swift, C/C++ ā—¦ Which also has led to Pyright being a support Python typechecker ā€¢ Added completions for bash ā€¢ Laid groundwork for a VS Code Extension ā€¢ Participated in many Pants meetups ā€¢ And participates heavily in Slack ā€¢ SJ continues to delight us with ideas and PRs, and we look forward to having him on as a as a Maintainer. Welcome aboard, SJ
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Awesome to hear. They've definitely helped me out a bunch!
What's this about pyright being supported now šŸ‘€
I'm delighted that @wide-midnight-78598 has joined the core maintainers team at last. His code and collaborative spirit have been equally impressive. Welcome, SJ!
Thanks @bitter-ability-32190 and thanks to my other Slacks wearing Pants'ers. As a new Maintainer, I'll do my best to not to go mad with power, but if history is any indication - that won't last long... ... ... ... Mwahahaha... err... [insert normal human laugh]
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@high-yak-85899 By "experimental", bug riddled could be another term... https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/pull/17235 It's based off the NodeJS backend, and copies a lot of the
plugin - but there are still some missing features, and some pyright-centric quirks (https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/blob/27f9da90a864ef3de9651363a5f106a688732958/src/python/pants/backend/python/typecheck/pyright/rules.py#L113)
Awesome! Love it šŸ˜„!
Congrats SJ!