Pants 2.16.0a0 is released: - <
# announce
Pants 2.16.0a0 is released: ā€¢ ā€¢ ā€¢ And a special shout-out to our 7! first-time contributors: Andrii Porokhnavets -- Add
runtime to
target (#18405) Constantin Ponfick -- Fix documentation example for
targets (#18302) Facetoe -- Fix OSError when running pants in systemd-nspawn container (#18398) Koki Nishihara -- Change bool values to lowercase in TOML snippets (#18299) Rhuan Barreto -- Update documentation on how to install the pants binary (#18372) Scott Searcy -- Update module mapping for attrs (#18402) Seve Martinez -- Remove some unwraps from the FFI layer (#18233) Thank you for your contributions!
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Amazing to see so many new contributors. Thanks to you all!