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08/24/2015, 8:56 PM
Here’s what I mean:
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jvm advanced options:
--jvm-exclude-target-regexp=<regexp> (--jvm-exclude-target-regexp=<regexp>) ... (default: [':aux-','service/container/wire-tests'])
    Exclude targets that match these regexes. Useful with ::, to ignore broken
    BUILD files.
--jvm-cache-key-gen-version=<str> (default: 200)
    The cache key generation. Bump this to invalidate every artifact for a
--jvm-max-subprocess-args=<int> (default: 100)
    Used to limit the number of arguments passed to some subprocesses by
    breakingthe command up into multiple invocations
--jvm-debug-port=<int> (default: 5005)
    The JVM will listen for a debugger on this port.
--jvm-debug-args="['str1','str2',...]" (default: ['-Xdebug','-Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=y,address={debug_port}'])
    The JVM remote-debugging arguments. {debug_port} will be replaced with the
    value of the --debug-port option.
--jvm-jdk-paths="{ 'key1': val1,'key2': val2,...}" (default: None)
    Map of os names to lists of paths to jdks. These paths will be searched
    before everything else (before the JDK_HOME, JAVA_HOME, PATH environment
    variables) when locating a jvm to use. The same OS can be specified via
    several different aliases, according to this map: darwin: [darwin, mac, mac
    os x, macos, macosx], linux: [linux, linux2]

jvm-platform recursive options:
--jvm-platform-l=<str>, --jvm-platform-level=<str> (default: info)
    Set the logging level.
--[no-]jvm-platform-colors (default: True)
    Set whether log messages are displayed in color.