# general


08/25/2015, 7:39 PM
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partition_size_hint: 400
worker_count: 4
name_hashing: False
jvm_options: %(basic_opts)s + %(more_mem_opts)s + %(zinc_opts)s
warning_args: []
no_warning_args: [
missing_deps: fatal
missing_deps_whitelist: [
# Arguments for plugins. Args are only applied for active plugins, so it's safe to put
# inactive plugin args here. Type is list of pairs of [plugin name, list-of-args].
plugin_args: {
    'i18n': ['file=src/resources/translations/api.txt'],
    'lint': ['checkers:base', 'checkers:wildcardImports'],
# Active plugins. Can be overridden with the --compile-zinc-plugins flag.
plugins: ['i18n','lint']
# If only a few targets are changed locally, attempt to chunk such that unchanged deps of
# local changes are attempted first, in a different chunk.
# This isolates changed targets in their own chunk based on assumption that local changes
# are more likely to fail to compile requiring a reattempt of their chunk, but ideally not of
# the deps, since they succeeded, as a chunk, first.
locally_changed_targets_heuristic_limit = 10
zinc: ['//:zinc']
plugin_jars: ['//:scalac-lint-plugin', '//:i18n-plugin']
# TODO: Write to caches (or at least local cache) once editing-while-building doesn't cause issues.
args: [
    '-S-encoding', '-SUTF-8',
    # Set options for the javac invoked by zinc.
    # '-C-J-Xmx2g',