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09/25/2015, 9:22 PM
@enough-analyst-54434: any idea why
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E             ToolResolveError:
                     E                    Failed to resolve target for tool: //:scalastyle. This target was obtained from
                     E                    option scalastyle in scope test_scope. You probably need to add this target to your tools
                     E                    BUILD file(s), usually located in in the workspace root.
                     E                    Exception AddressLookupError: name 'scala_jar' is not defined
                     E             while executing BUILD file FilesystemBuildFile(/private/var/folders/tc/kq93y4pd5jn6gy3pfzd2zd5h0000gn/T/tmp_7Fh3Y_BUILD_ROOT/
                     E             Loading addresses from '' failed.
would fail during unit tests but not during a normal execution?