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04/16/2016, 11:24 PM
So I have been trying to push the new pants release all day. I have yet to get past:
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Invalidated 5 <http://targets.INFO]|targets.INFO]> Downloading archive node_modules.tar.gz from <> to /var/folders/wf/q7mqymv13kq1w7vkzq6y0fr4000258/T/tmpcKO155/node_modules.tar.gz
INFO] Fetched archive node_modules.tar.gz from <> to /var/folders/wf/q7mqymv13kq1w7vkzq6y0fr4000258/T/tmpcKO155/node_modules.tar.gz
I’m not sure if its hanging or just actually taking a couple hours to download (I’ve restarted the script a few times in case it was just a spurious hang). I’ll probably let the current run spin for a couple hours. My network manager shows a small amount of packet activity from Python so maybe it is actually doing something.