``` """Base class for tasks that whose explicit u...
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"""Base class for tasks that whose explicit user-facing purpose is to run code in a JVM.

  Examples are run.jvm, test.junit, repl.scala.  These tasks (and end users) can configure
  the JVM options, args etc. via the JVM subsystem scoped to the task.

  Note that this is distinct from tasks that happen to run code in a JVM as an implementation
  detail, such as compile.java, checkstyle, etc.  Hypothetically at least, you could imagine
  a Java compiler written in a non-JVM language, and then compile.java might not need to
  run JVM code at all.  In practice that is highly unlikely, but the distinction is still
  important.  Those JVM-tool-using tasks mix in `pants.backend.jvm.tasks.JvmToolTaskMixin`.