<@U2C3H69FH> At 4sq, we have - a scala_library tha...
# general
@thankful-library-32113 At 4sq, we have - a scala_library that holds the service code and resources as dependencies. - a jvm_binary that depends on that library, any runtime deps, and sets the main - a jvm_app that has one dependency - the above jvm_binary. We have some internal tasks that bundle loose resources, but that is not quite best practice and is something we are close to removing. By default running `bundle `on a jvm_app creates a "slim jar" instead of a deployjar. 🙂 With a slim jar, your $service jar would be empty except for a classpath, and all the dependencies (including the resources) are jars found under
. If you prefer a "fatjar" you can set an 'archive' in the jvm_app BUILD file and it will create one for you (grep
for allowable archives)