Due to lack of versions in ivy resolution, i canno...
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Due to lack of versions in ivy resolution, i cannot do a build all, i have to build each target in quick succession. Currently, I have 6 targets (and 6 tests) in a bash script. Many of these targets have common dependencies, all within the monorepo. For example, cdh5 depends on hadoop-common which depends on jdbc. In the bash script, I was creating an artifact for hadoop-common, so the collision occurred there. I removed hadoop-common as we don’t actually need to publish an artifact, the next down the chain, jdbc, started colliding. We do need to publish an artifact so removal isn’t possible. I reordered the build targets in bash, putting jdbc first then the version of hadoop-common from cdh5 began colliding with hadoop-common from mapr. Adding sleep between test and bundle has mitigated the issue a bit, but not entirely. I’ve removed the sleep and added a retry which seems to fix the issue for now.