# general


01/25/2017, 5:59 PM
Hey guys, my folks are getting some weird ivy errors (have been for a while now trying to get to bottom of it). we have bit of non-standardness in that we store our internal company jars in S3 and use a customer resolver ( to fetch those. this is how we did things back in maven/sbt times so we ported it over. anyways, to make it work with pants here’s what we use: The problem we’re seeing is that once in a while
fails with odd cannot find jar xyz errors (even though those jars are definitely there), like but intermittently. The only thing that seems to fix it (and not clear if always fixes it) is setting
use_nailgun: False
as you see in snippet. I also tried not doing that but using
./pants ng-killall
but that doesn’t fix it. In S3 we store our jars, which have their own deps most of which come from maven-central. Something in that flow mixed with the various caching of pants/nailgun/etc seems to intermittently fail but its not clear to me why/where