``` compile(interval-util:all) failed: Problem lau...
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compile(interval-util:all) failed: Problem launching via NailgunClient(host=u'', port=59163, workdir='/Users/jack/Development/3sumo') command org.pantsbuild.zinc.Main -log-level info -analysis-cache /Users/jack/Development/3sumo/.pants.d/compile/zinc/252d64521cf9/interval-util.all/current/interval-util.all.analysis -classpath
Problem in nailgun protocol with nailgun server at TruncatedHeaderError(u"Failed to read nailgun chunk header (TruncatedRead(u'Expected 5 bytes before socket shutdown, instead received 0’,``)).”,)
-> the nailgun successfully launched, got a port assignment (.pids/lifecycle seems to be fine), connected (nailgun was running), but then failed in a session - likely a crash.