Hi, I'm having a problem with `binary` vs `bundle`...
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Hi, I'm having a problem with
and the scala compiler. I'm creating an ssh repl which, when I build with binary, can correctly find org.scala-lang.scala-compiler`. Run with
java -jar <big binary jar>
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2017-03-08T02:01:11,480Z INFO  [MyScalaSshShell-api] SshCommand - New ssh client connected
[Loaded org.apache.sshd.common.channel.Window$2 from file:/tmp/mitesh/query-api.jar]
[Loaded scala.tools.nsc.interpreter.MemberHandlers from file:/tmp/mitesh/query-api.jar]
[Loaded scala.tools.nsc.interpreter.ReplGlobal from file:/tmp/mitesh/query-api.jar]
However the same code, run with
java -jar <bundle jar>
, cant seem to find it.
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2017-03-08T02:28:43,492Z ERROR  [MyScalaSshShell-api] CrashingThread - Unhandled exception:
scala.reflect.internal.MissingRequirementError: object scala in compiler mirror not found.
It does find some of the classes, but I guess not all of them.
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[Loaded scala.tools.nsc.interpreter.ReplGlobal$replPhase$ from file:/tmp/mitesh2/libs/1stparty.co.actioniq.flame-146.jar]
[Loaded scala.tools.nsc.interpreter.jline.InteractiveReader from file:/tmp/mitesh2/libs/1stparty.co.actioniq.flame-146.jar]