<@U16S4PPTQ> Appreciate your advice. I'm hesitant ...
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@rough-dog-96241 Appreciate your advice. I'm hesitant to move away from sbt because: 1) sbt has a large community. 2) I understand sbt reasonably well. Having been in that position earlier, mots people who don't like sbt don't like it because they don't understand it. (I'm not making a comment on you, more on the old me). 3) I like the feature: compilation on change 4) Certain projects support only sbt (like scala.js). I don't like that it is very slow and I don't know the feature set of pants but I'm thinking of taking things very slow. I don't want to disrupt our current setup too much so that team can evaluate monorepos in isolation as to how it is helping us. But I definitely get your point and I will actively monitor how much and when sbt is trying to hold us back