Should I expect --exclude-target-regexp to work wi...
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Should I expect --exclude-target-regexp to work with both test-changed and test.junit? I’m seeing it work in test-changed, but not test.junit. I’m seeing it listed under “pants test.junit --help-advanced” in jvm.test.junit advanced options:
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--test-junit-exclude-target-regexp=<regexp> (--test-junit-exclude-target-regexp=<regexp>) ..., --test-junit-exclude-target-regexp="[<regexp>, <regexp>, ...]", --test-junit-exclude-target-regexp="+[<regexp>, <regexp>, ...]" (default: [])
    Exclude targets that match these regexes.
Tried in 1.3.0.dev16 & 1.2.1 and getting same results where test.junit just seems to ignore the exclude regex. Will post repro in a sec.