05/11/2017, 2:17 AM
when I try to compile our code within a docker container (only in docker though, local mac its fine), I get this error:
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[ 1/16] Compiling 3 zinc sources in 1 target (src/scala/co/actioniq/query/tree:tree).
04:54:44 00:03       [compile]

04:54:44 00:03         [zinc]
                       [info] Compiling 3 Scala sources to /pants/.pants.d/compile/zinc/252d64521cf9/
                       [error] File name too long
                       [error] one error found
                       [error] Compile failed at May 6, 2017 4:55:57 AM [1:13.124s]
note we’ve already set
to 254 for other reasons (scala pickling), so we can’t increase it any further