Howdy, has anyone here used the `alias()` target t...
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Howdy, has anyone here used the
target to group together more than one target? The documentation describes the alias as
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alias: A target that gets replaced by its dependencies.
    dependencies = ...,	(default: [])
    description = ...,	(default: None)
    name = ...,	
    no_cache = ...,	(default: False)
    tags = ...,	(default: None)
My reading of this is that I provide a list of targets in
so that I can run a goal against the alias and have it run on all the dependencies. However, this doesn't seem to be the case. When I run a goal pants complains that I must specify a
parameter. Looking at the code, I see that the AliasTarget class takes the
param and sets it as the only dependency. Am I not understanding the alias use case?