<@U054MQUPL> Last time I bug you about platforms a...
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@rough-minister-58256 Last time I bug you about platforms and PEX I promise. 🙂 How does a PEX that's been compiled for multiple platforms decide which to use? Can I tell it with an envvar or some such? (Background: I'm trying to add a gevent-carrying pex to a google-supplied alpine linux docker container. Our linux_x86-64 wheels are built on centos for all out other containers. Alpine, because busybox is so awesome, has weird libc, and gevent can't be moved between them. If I build the wheel in Alpine, the filename comes out the same. So I'm considering various different ways to get a different gevent wheel for alpine and for centos. Is this a crazy idea? (Perhaps a different PEX would be better..)) (whoops, doubly nested parens..)