To be more concrete, that pom is just an aggregato...
# general
To be more concrete, that pom is just an aggregator pointing to these real dependencies (jars): org.apache.flink#flink-storm org.apache.flink#flink-storm-examples org.apache.flink#flink-streaming-contrib org.apache.flink#flink-tweet-inputformat org.apache.flink#flink-connector-wikiedits org.apache.flink#flink-statebackend-rocksdb If your code really needs all these contrib modules, probably best to spell them out as individual jars in the jar_library list. If instead, this pom is a transitive dependency of some other jar you depend on, then everything should just work - ivy should see the transitive dep and know how to expand the pom internally to go find these 6 deps.
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