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$ git log -Sjar_dependency_utils
commit b7cd335efae0290caf4cafff4eac77aebfc9344a
Author: Benjy Weinberger <>
Date:   Sat Mar 18 23:05:06 2017 +0200

    Fix missing and circular deps. (#4345)
    The main fixes are:
    - Move jar_dependency*.py and out of the JVM backend
      and into core (specifically, the already existing
      package, which seems like a logical place).
    - Move a utility function from to
      (and change the corresponding tests appropriately).
    - A few random missing deps noticed along the way.
    These changes, while intrusive, are necessary to fix the dep cycles
    mentioned in the issue below.  Fortunately they are also quite logical:
    In particular, since JarDependency is not a target, it makes sense for
    it to live outside pants.backend.jvm.targets.  And moving it into core
    paves the way for using JVM-based tools in non-JVM backends without
    having to depend on the entire JVM backend (e.g., python ANTLR codegen
    needs to run a JVM, but doesn't care about JVM source code in the repo).
    Addresses <>.
$ git diff --stat b7cd335efae0290caf4cafff4eac77aebfc9344a^! | grep _utils src/python/pants/backend/jvm/ | 8 +- .../jvm => java/jar}/ | 0 .../pants_test/backend/jvm/tasks/ | 6 +- .../backend/jvm/ | 2 +-