To clarify, you’re proposing a syntax to cleanly s...
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To clarify, you’re proposing a syntax to cleanly specify multiple targets in the same folder via
{a, b}
? That sounds useful to me! A couple things to think about - are there any goals where this doesn’t make sense to allow multiple targets to run? I can’t think of any, but would be good to check
pants goals
for a sanity check - do we parse and validate all targets first (strict evaluation), or lazily go through each running the goal and then moving on to next target? In your above example, should you get an error about the invalid
target right away or only after executing
- how do we enforce you can only do this at the top level of folders path? We don’t want to allow
, right?
No. Danny is just using standard bash syntax here. Bash expands; ie:
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$ echo ./pants test tests/python/pants_test/option:{testing,a}
./pants test tests/python/pants_test/option:testing tests/python/pants_test/option:a
Ahh makes sense. Thanks for clarifying