Hey, guys! Can you please clarify one thing about ...
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Hey, guys! Can you please clarify one thing about artifact cache. Recently thx to your help I successfully implemented remote artifact cache which drastically improved compilation time especially for CI. Yet there’s one bottleneck left it seems related to different caching on
goals. One might expect that after compilation of
folder all necessary artifacts are already created, yet when I
on one of the subfolders of the already compiled folder it seems like it’s taking some extra time and creating some extra /checking some artifacts. And this extra time seems quite significant. I wonder if it’s something wrong with my setup which causes cache miss or it’s something inherent to
goal and what can be done to reduce time (in the same sense as remote cache reduces time for compilations)? Also, whatever cache is made when running the
goal it’s definitely not getting uploaded/downloaded the same way the cache on compilation does