I am going to give a talk about Pants at <PyCon.DE...
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I am going to give a talk about Pants at PyCon.DE in a few weeks. I will probably present some of the content from my example repository https://github.com/StephanErb/pexample. If anyone of you has input on content you’d expect to heat about or stuff you’d think is important for a regular Python conference audience, please let me know!
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On the negative side, these 2 things: https://github.com/pantsbuild/pex/issues/523 https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/5406 I'm not saying I want you talk about these - but they represent real problems - interpreter selection "roulette" as a colleague called it just this am, and group dependency resolution instead of individual.
We should be doing better in those 2 spots in particular in my mind on the python side.
I will probably stick to the positive things 🙂
Probably I will get tons of questions on Python 3. How would you consider the status here? Pants itself is still in Python 2 but supports Python 3 just as well as Python 2?
Yup - exactly.
We just had a big influx of work from Foursquare to make Pants itself 2/3 compat though with an eye towards moving to 3 and dropping 2 as the runtime - probably by early next year at this point, but maybe sooner.
You should just be able to:
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interpreter-constraints: ["CPython>=3.4,<3.7"]
In your sample repo if you want to be demoing a python 3 project.
twitter has a small but growing number of targets using python3 successfully with pants, since i think before the
in a mixed 2/3 repo
@strong-crayon-70379 might be able to answer more questions there, since he drove the push to get folks unblocked
but i know style checks need some work, because they use
Thanks! 👍
also, you should tweet about that 😃
Ah, that is great to see 🙂
as a note about py3, expect my coworker mathieu to drop into the py3 channel next week and talk about sharding the last of the unit tests