windows would need some (very dedicated) advocates...
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windows would need some (very dedicated) advocates i think... i don't think there has ever been a commit in the direction of adding support there, and there are plenty of unixisms
We definitely need an advocate to bootstrap CI and stick with fixes and improvements to keep support viable. That said we have had some efforts:
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$ git log --all --grep='windows' --oneline
f07ad9e Revert "Fix egg resolution on windows."
9e4e0c1 Merge pull request #202 from mikekap/windows_pull
f03ce12 Make the tests pass on windows.
edd0b3e Don't use gztar sdists on windows.
1fe5a4e Fix egg resolution on windows.
329ac6c Make code hashes consistent on windows between directories & zips.
f899091 Merge pull request #198 from mikekap/windows_fixes
4f93d89 Fixes to get pex to work on windows.
acce056 This month brings the release candidate for a new pants build system and many additions and improvements to the python application framework.
i'm curious what
was, but my repository is unaware of it
oooh, on pex
Yeah, I think that was what Stephan said / meant
yep, you're right.