with that said i have yet another project (<https:...
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with that said i have yet another project (https://github.com/cosmicexplorer/lex-query) that i thoroughly figured out the build system for in order to procrastinate actually writing and to describe how thoroughly that is i even tried to write a test and the test is failing (and also failing in lint) with an
ImportError: No module named pants_test.pants_run_integration_test
for a test which depends on a
in a BUILD file -- this is the file failing: https://github.com/cosmicexplorer/lex-query/blob/master/pants-plugins/upstreamable/tests/test_perl6_run_integration.py. looking in
i see
for the
requirement (and i am adding
to pants.ini) -- i have tried various permutations of module import paths but while my python plugin source is working great i can't figure out this import issue. this is on
Danny, this is all somewhat incomprehensible. Would you mind filing a pointed bug as a normal issue? In a busy community, one impediment to efficient progress is nonstandard messaging. One of your strengths as a human being is your non standard messaging. But in certain contexts, it comes at a cost.
ok, i hadn’t realized this was the case (and hadn’t been thinking too hard when sending the message i now realize) and am now quite embarrassed. my sincerest apologies. i can whip up an issue posthaste
i think the first message was the idea and i wanted to somewhat bury it but that wasn’t exactly taking into account the fact that it is indeed an impediment
I've managed to page in the relevant bits and I think the simple answer is that you are mistaken in thinking two things: 1. that testinfra is a plugin, 2: that plugins are available as target dependencies without declaring them as such. Neither is true here. You just want a normal 3rdparty dep on testinfra that the test target needing it declares a dep on.
And, as a corallary to matching pants versions, which may have blinded you, requirements.txt is a convenience. You probably need to declare a real testinfra target here.