Getting ``` ./pants test --cache-test-ignore tests...
# general
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./pants test --cache-test-ignore tests/python/pants_test/backend/jvm/tasks:jar_publish_integration -- -vs
                     E   	               Waiting for background workers to finish.
                     E   	00:32:00 00:14   [complete]
                     E   	               SUCCESS
                     E   stderr:
                     E   	.....timestamp: 2018-11-16T00:31:57.685637
                     E   	Signal 15 was raised. Exiting with failure. (backtrace omitted)
                     E   	INFO] killing nailgun server pid=12458
                     E   	INFO] killing nailgun server pid=12518
                     E   	.INFO] killing nailgun server pid=12579
                     E   	INFO] killing nailgun server pid=12596
                     E   	timestamp: 2018-11-16T00:32:00.199617
                     E   	Exception caught: (sqlite3.IntegrityError)
                     E   	  File "/home/root/pants/src/python/pants/bin/", line 75, in <module>
                     E   	    main()
                     E   	  File "/home/root/pants/src/python/pants/bin/", line 71, in main
                     E   	  File "/home/root/pants/src/python/pants/bin/", line 67, in run
                     E   	    cls.load_and_execute(entrypoint)
                     E   	  File "/home/root/pants/src/python/pants/bin/", line 60, in load_and_execute
                     E   	    entrypoint_main()
                     E   	  File "/home/root/pants/src/python/pants/bin/", line 39, in main
                     E   	    PantsRunner(exiter, start_time=start_time).run()
                     E   	  File "/home/root/pants/src/python/pants/bin/", line 62, in run
                     E   	    return
                     E   	  File "/home/root/pants/src/python/pants/bin/", line 159, in run
                     E   	    self._run()
                     E   	  File "/home/root/pants/src/python/pants/bin/", line 233, in _run
                     E   	    run_tracker_result = run_tracker.end()
                     E   	  File "/home/root/pants/src/python/pants/goal/", line 457, in end
                     E   	    self.store_stats()
                     E   	  File "/home/root/pants/src/python/pants/goal/", line 400, in store_stats
                     E   	    StatsDBFactory.global_instance().get_db().insert_stats(stats)
                     E   	  File "/home/root/pants/src/python/pants/stats/", line 82, in insert_stats
                     E   	    ri['version'], ri['buildroot'], ri['outcome'], ri['cmd_line']])
on linux only. any thoughts?