what’s the reason for the the `src/<LANG>/.....
# general
what’s the reason for the the
convention? will anything go wrong if we mix tests and source, mix different languages in the same hierarchy, have the
parts directly in our repo root?
pants is ridiculously flexible with the way it accepts sources
that's like half the reason i love it
default sources (the source files that are chosen when you don't provide a
argument to a target) are chosen so that you can mix tests and source in the same dir and follow 111 and it Just Works
some IDEs such as intellij impose some structure on the code separate from pants which is very unfortunate but that's why you'll still see some codebases arranged like that
Yeah, that
is a legacy of Maven AFAIK. Pants doesn't require it, and in fact supports having tests and source, and different languages, in a single hierarchy. We utilize this internally.
Oh, hm, it may require source roots for different languages to be separate.
But certainly mixing src/ and tests/ is possible.
I would need to check re source roots.