Is there someone trying to get pantsbuild to work ...
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Is there someone trying to get pantsbuild to work with kotlin?
i don't immediately know of any, but i'm sure someone is. do you have an existing kotlin codebase?
Not to my knowledge. There is some common JVM compilation task code shared between the Java and Scala compile tasks, so that would be a place to start. Or - wait for JVM support in the v2 engine, which would make things a lot simpler all around.
we've actually just shifted our focus at twitter to focus on a v2 jvm pipeline by precisely the end of this year to take advantage of the momentum from the rsc compile work so you won't have to wait too long
the JavacCompile task i think would be a great basis for a kotlin compile task as it doesn't involve any fiddling with zinc or more than one source language -- i made a ScalacCompile task based off of that at one point which turned out not to be needed so it's possible to generalize that even in the v1 model, especially if your kotlin code doesn't have dependencies on java/scala code in your repo
I looked at this over Thanksgiving, actually. Looks mostly doable in the v1 engine too
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