Zundel added something, but I'm not sure whether i...
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Zundel added something, but I'm not sure whether it is currently used
twitter also has a custom, slightly hacky task for this.
it has been in place for a long time now... so maybe reasonable to upstream. it creates
files for binary targets and published library targets
aren't those the tasks that take several seconds to complete
if we upstream it we have a chance to fix that
Thanks for the info - I would welcome a first-class way to do this. I expect that our tasks are pretty similar, tbh.
but it turns out that hadoop-binary cannot use shading rules, I expect because it somehow is trying to shade the App 2x
I would prefer to not debug it but likely we can hack something to get by in the meantime, and cross our fingers Pants someday handles it for us
"cannot use shading rules" sorry why don't shading rules work