yes, i believe however would be a pretty large sty...
# general
yes, i believe however would be a pretty large style change for this codebase which might cause more confusion than it would fix. since pants plugin developers (probably?) use a similar style to the examples in the pants repo, making this style change i think might also be confusing for downstream users. we check for unused imports and the only times we've come across issues with aliasing we've been able to resolve them quickly.
this is just my opinion, like i said i'm not yet a pythonista
We don't need to do a large change for everything. Things can change incrementally if we have a standard style guide.
This style guide is used at Google: We can fork it and change it to follow our needs.
we definitely have a consistent style we apply in this repo, and we tend to use lints to codify that instead of requiring contributors to read a guide and follow instructions that the computer can do, imho. if we didn't have a consistent style yet i could see the introduction of such a guide being useful, but pants is a mature project and i would think we'd want to start from what we have (and maintain our ability to automate our style checking) than to introduce a bunch of new rules for contributors, personally