Is there a reason why each integration test has a ...
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Is there a reason why each integration test has a really aggressive 60 second timeout?
do you mean by default? i think that's the default for
and we don't try to automatically change it when the target has
, although that wouldn't be a bad idea, it's just hard to know what the right default should be. you can add
timeout = 240
or whatever makes sense
i did change the default just so I can get past all the tests timing out, but it seems kind of aggressive for an integration test
this is probably worth an issue too
it’s just that the timeout is currently determined by the test target and not the test itself and we don’t have separate test target types for integration tests
so not sure where we would put the higher default since we probably don’t want to make unit tests default to running too long i think
i agree with your premise
i suspect this will be less of a problem as time goes on, so its not a big deal, just a little frustrating when my tests were timing out
that makes sense
The main problem is that we only actually run tests on CI both sharded (which means we don't run full targets) and together in clumps (which sums the timeouts of each target). So all our timeout numbers are meaningless.
sounds like an excuse to scorch some earth