is there an option to force “Unmatched globs” warn...
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is there an option to force “Unmatched globs” warnings to be errors?
yes! when i don't know an option name i usually use
./pants options | grep -iP 'globs'
or sometimes just jump into
if i'm already in emacs (with
./pants help | grep -C 3 -F glob-expansion-failure
being able to provide info on the specific option in question)
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in this case it is
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i worked on that while my back was suffering and it was very fun and there are some more things we'd like to do if you're interested
also, if you type the option name incorrectly, we now offer spelling suggestions, but it's based on levenshtein edit distance not keyword matching or anything smarter
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if anyone likes the target sources glob expansion errors introduced a few releases ago here's a ticket we haven't had time to justify working on internally that i would love to see happen to make the default case of
easier to diagnose and fix!
we haven't been able to turn on strict matching or even warnings yet in our internal monorepo and it's slow going because the warning messages don't say which target's sources aren't getting matched -- if these messages are improved we can turn warnings back on again and ideally turn on
which would make me very happy :) in case anyone has a free afternoon this week. would love to pair over hangouts or something with anyone who wants a low-risk high-reward intro to the pants rust codebase
@happy-kitchen-89482 ^ if you're looking for rust tickets
@hundreds-breakfast-49010 ^ 🙂