A few questions that I had regarding the node code...
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A few questions that I had regarding the node codegen: 1. made the node_thrift_library target type which is essentially inheriting NodeModule and nothing more. 2. Now in the
when I override the execute_codegen, I essentially just create the default package.json and the yarn.lock and then just call the
super().execute_codegen(target, target_workdir)
, am I missing something here, I was looking at similar py_gen and java_gen in the pants/backend/codegen and they both essentially call the super's exec_codegen and I feel that doing that should take care of the code generation however, I feel like that's too easy to be true. 3. How can I check whether a default package.json and yarn.lock was specified or not, is there a way to get it from the target? Disclaimer: I'm kinda dim as you probably witnessed earlier.
If you need some more info to help you help me I shall provide everything I can.
re: 3) not sure what you mean here.
i'd suggest that getting an integration test in place that has some consuming code consuming a generated node target would be the surest way to confirm that something is working end to end