Hi my group is using pants as a build tool for a s...
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Hi my group is using pants as a build tool for a scala project on a massive monorepo. I am trying to figure out support or capability or plugin as regards the assembly merge strategy around configuration file merging since we have several conf files in different module and I would like to apply some sort of a strategy when doing the same. Is this even possible? Any advice or recommendations will be appreciated
Hello! Welcome To clarify, are you trying to converge multiple conflicting config files into one single config file? Is this for tools like linters or something else?
yes that is correct and no not for linters...we are using akka (alas) and it has a reference.conf and then have like 4 different modules that build their own fat jars that overlay their own conf settings in nameofservice.conf that need to be merged into the reference.conf so there is one good conf file when service launches...sbt-assembly plugin on sbt has like a merge strategy concept where one can specify sequence of rules to apply when building the fat jar...looking for a corollary.
Oh man ...great share and thankyou so much