``` FAILURE: Dependencies cannot have a higher jav...
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FAILURE: Dependencies cannot have a higher java target level than dependees!

  testprojects/src/java/org/pantsbuild/testproject/targetlevels/unspecified:lib targeting "java8"
  is depended on by:
    testprojects/src/java/org/pantsbuild/testproject/targetlevels/unspecified:java7 targeting "java7"

Consider running ./pants jvm-platform-explain with the same targets for more details.

               Waiting for background workers to finish.
23:38:09 00:05   [complete]
./pants lint :: 7.26s user 2.45s system 141% cpu 6.837 total; max RSS 208216Ki
[37737 23:38:10.490 eax@BuyingEagle ~/svn/pantsbuild/pants !1!]∴pants jvm-platform-explain  ::              (git:pants)-[master]
Scrubbed PYTHONPATH=/Users/eax/svn/pantsbuild/pants/src/python: from the environment.

07:40:51 [WARN] /Users/eax/svn/pantsbuild/pants/src/python/pants/base/exception_sink.py:423: DeprecationWarning: PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN will be required for '#' formats

ERROR: transitive

(Use --print-exception-stacktrace to see more error details.)

 6.17s user 2.09s system 182% cpu 4.528 total; max RSS 211964Ki
 6.19s user 2.11s system 181% cpu 4.570 total; max RSS 211964Ki