```$ ./pants help test.pytest test.pytest: --t...
# general
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$ ./pants help test.pytest


  --test-pytest-coverage=<str> (default: None)
      Emit coverage information for specified packages or directories (absolute or
      relative to the build root).  The special value "auto" indicates that Pants
      should attempt to deduce which packages to emit coverage for.
  --[no-]test-pytest-coverage-include-test-sources (default: False)
      Whether to include test source files in coverage measurement.
  --test-pytest-coverage-output-dir=<DIR> (default: None)
      Directory to emit coverage reports to. If not specified, a default within
      dist is used.
  --test-pytest-coverage-reports=<str> (--test-pytest-coverage-reports=<str>) ..., --test-pytest-coverage-reports="[<str>, <str>, ...]", --test-pytest-coverage-reports="+[<str>, <str>, ...]" (one of: [xml, html] default: ['xml','html'])
      Which coverage reports to emit.