good morning folks! anyone of any plans or appetit...
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good morning folks! anyone of any plans or appetite (or existing solutions) around building a
build target?
Hey there! We probably wouldn’t want to maintain that in core Pants, but we’re making major progress with the new Target API which makes it really easy and declarative to create new target types. It was the last missing piece to plugin authors writing V2 plugins. I would be really happy to pair with you if you were interested. A major goal for us is to make it simple and enjoyable to write your own target types and plugins, and I would love to see your thoughts on it all, eg to see which parts are confusing.
It might make sense in core pants at some point TBH
Docker is so ubiquitous
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oh hi just saw this
happy to pair with y'all at some point @hundreds-father-404 I've already implemented quite a few targets relating to databricks (for v1 i think, im relatively new and navigating this migration has been difficult)
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Awesome! The upcoming dev release will have enough of the building blocks necessary to create these new targets. We could start by showing how to write bindings for those V1 targets you already have. It’s fairly quick to do (I’ve been writing bindings for all the core targets this past week). I’ll DM to find a time that works well.