Hi all, v2_ui is very nice, but I met some issues ...
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Hi all, v2_ui is very nice, but I met some issues with my vscode terminal (for example, when I run
./pants target-types --details=python_binary
, it will jump to the head of terminal, might be a issue with vscode terminal)… but if I disable v2_ui, there will be very limited information, for example, running
./pants binary --binary-level=trace XXXX
, it will only show
Wrote dist/app.pex
, less information is very clean, but do you also consider adding a bit more loggings like fetch third party dependencies, building pex file, etc… which might be useful when making binary takes long time …
Could you describe a little bit more about the VS Code terminal issue please? Indeed, --v2-ui will jump to the head of the terminal and “take over” the terminal while Pants is running. Then, it will yield it back
We started to brainstorm what you’re talking about in a meeting today. That is, we started to think more about “What should the UI be when you don’t want
, such as when you’re using Pants in CI?” We don’t have an immediate fix for you, but will be putting some time into fleshing this out! (V2 UI is still pretty experimental)
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I’m using
and in the terminal of VSCode, if I run
./pants binary XXXX
, it will show the UI and back to the end of terminal after it finished. But if I run
./pants target-types --details=python_binary
, it will jump to the very beginning of my terminal. but I don’t have this kind of problem when running the same command on other terminal (like iTerm2)
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Thanks for update, I think showing some necessary information for the case not using nice ui, should be very helpful, looking forward to it!