Hi, does anyone familiar with this error when runn...
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Hi, does anyone familiar with this error when running pants: Exception message: Could not initialize store for process cache: "Error creating/opening content database at "~/.cache/pants/lmdb_store/processes/1": MDB_CORRUPTED: Located page was wrong type"
rm -rf ~/.cache/pants/lmdb_store
- unclear how your files got corrupted, but somehow they did 🙂
Yeah didn't work, after some research it seems like bug with WSL (windows thingy), so I guess everything is fine:)
Huh, are you using Pants from a PC? Using Linux subsystem maybe?
Actually I've asked for someone else heh, and he uses Windows with WSL
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so he changed his work env and everything is fine:)
Interesting. Generally Pants and Pex do not work for Windows. It’s a tricky thing to support (although has gotten a little easier recently). What percentage of your org uses windows? (If you’re able to share, feel free to DM)