I've managed to make this work, I've used the reco...
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I've managed to make this work, I've used the recommended way to use pants, I do have some questions about it, I'm trying to use v2 engine. 1) ./pants options was removed? 2) [repl] ipython was removed? 3) when trying to ./pants run -> it seems that it opens a screen in fullscrean which makes this "flickery ", 3) how do I make run last verbose and not print other stuff
1) ./pants options was removed?
Ah, this is because we have not yet ported the goal to V2. We’ll make that a priority to port. In the meantime, you can run
./pants --v1 options
. That will temporarily turn back on the V1 implementation 2) Ipython is still supported, only activated differently. There are no longer “tasks” in V2 like
. Instead, all options live in either the goal or dedicated subsystems like
. So, in V2, you activate Ipython via
./pants repl --shell='ipython' app.py
(you can either use the file name or its target name) You can set this in `pants.toml`:
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shell = "ipython"
3) The full screen thing is something we are actively working on to only use part of the screen. In the meantime, feel free to use
if you don’t want to see that. Then you’ll only get what gets permanently logged and won’t see the intermediate work that Pants is doing.
@hundreds-father-404 Thanks for the help!:) I've used [repl] shell="ipython", what does it mean in [run] ?, also what about the other prints when using run? can I remove them?
*Oh, typo, I meant
! Sorry
also what about the other prints when using run?
Not through an option, but certainly we could revisit if we should even be writing to the screen
running target
. and then
ran successfully
. We could change that in Pants’ code. The UI for V2 is very open to feedback at this point. What would be most helpful to you? It sounds like you need the option to have zero output, correct? Do you anticipate always wanting to run with the equivalent of
or do you sometimes like output?
I think that usually I won't want any output but of the program, unless I need some pants verbose to look for errors?
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but I expect from run app.py to run my app.py without side effects:x