Hi, we were using scala 2.12 as our default scala ...
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Hi, we were using scala 2.12 as our default scala library, but some of the user need to work with scala 2.11 is there a way we can define multiple scala version in
? or the only way is to set a
options from command line?
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all pants options can be specified on the cli, in the environment, or in an ini config file, see https://www.pantsbuild.org/options.html. one common pattern we use is to have different pants.ini.* files, e.g. pants.ini.scala_2_11, which contain sets of options for different use cases
we would love love love to be able to specify multiple scala versions like we can with jvm platforms. nobody has yet worked on making pants support this because twitter didn’t have much use for it specifically. i am trying to convince someone to let me spend some time to work on it soon
Haha, ok, thanks for the information 😄
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let us know if that allows you to address this use case!