i have a python project that uses another repo as ...
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i have a python project that uses another repo as a dependency. i have no problems importing this with pip via my requirements.txt file. my dependency is formatted like this:
<repo_name> @ <git+git://github.com/><path_to_repo>
. when i add that to my 3rdparty requirements.txt for pants i get a 'Could not satisfy all requirements' error. does anyone have suggestions?
which version of pants is this?
This should be supported in recent version of pants (I'd need to check how recent). Any version that uses Pex 2.x, since that now delegates to Pip.
im using 1.18.0
ah, yea. you’ll need to be on at least 1.26.x
1.26.0 is the first stable release that uses pex 2.0, which uses pip under the hood.
thanks! ill try a newer version
@fast-author-5112: good luck! we recommend bumping version-at-a-time, as it will give you the most guidance in terms of deprecations
(even if you land all of the bumps in one commit, doing some basic sanity checking on each version is a good idea)
let us know if you have any questions.
thanks. i was stuck on that for a while