Im on an old version of pantsbuild (hopefully that...
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Im on an old version of pantsbuild (hopefully that’s not causing the problem), but I am a bit confused about how
is supposed to work. I “pinned” a version of netty there, and when I use
./pants --resolver-resolver=ivy export --output-file=/tmp/a :app
I see that version. However, when I run
./pants resolve.ivy --open --no-cache-read :app
I see a different, newer version of netty. How do I know which version is actually being used?
Also, two reports are generated, not sure why
@polite-vase-75369 Were you able to resolve your problem? What version of
are you using? I believe in v1.27.0.dev0 Ivy Resolve was removed.
yeah, i think i’ve always suffered from figuring out where version conflicts are coming from based on what you’re compiling