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06/09/2020, 10:12 PM
Hi all,  We want to release Pants 2.0.0 in the next few weeks (that is, some time in mid-July).  This will be the first version to be based entirely on the v2 engine. We've created a document to discuss this and other issues: Note that the initial release will focus on Python, and will not yet have support for JVM/Node/Go.  The document above outlines the reasoning for this, the timeline for adding v2 support for these and other languages, and the workarounds for using Pants v1 until that happens. Your comments, on this and all other issues, are welcome! We'll form a specific plan and create GitHub issues to track it based on your feedback.  Thanks in advance,  Benjy PS Also, if you'd like to be a launch partner for 2.0 (meaning we help you adopt it, and you give us feedback) let me know!
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