Currently `help-all` dumps out help for all scopes...
# general
dumps out help for all scopes in the same human-readable format as help for a single scope. This seems not very useful, as that much data is inherently not human-readable, and presumably people were grepping the output anyway. I was thinking of making it instead dump out a big JSON blob containing all help, which is a feature we need anyway. That can still be grepped (or jq'd), but it would have a consistent structure, unlike the human-readable format, which we might change from time to time for purely human reasons. Any objections?
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JSON sounds good. Personally, I think I would want even more a name of the subsystems + a list of their options, but no details on the options. Then I can run
./pants help pytest
to learn more Very similar to the previous
./pants options
goal, but simpler because it doesn’t show the current value
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Well, we need the JSON thing anyway
if a user really does want to print out help for every option in one gigantic list, we could have a flag for that. it probably shouldn't be the default